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    Feedback : Repeatable Missions

    It's nice that you have mission implemented already. Here are some thoughts I've had.

    It seems that you have to wait a day between finishing a mission and redoing it. Hunting without it counting for a mission 'feels' like a waste. If MindArk has made a rule that there is a requirement for a 'daily' limit, it would probably work better that there has to be a 24 minimum wait between accepting (or finishing) a mission... similar to the Caly "daily" missions.

    Right now youngs are often mixed with Old Alphas. There's a big enough difference between these maturities that often different sets of equipment are used. Also, if you're trying to grind a mission, with a simple kill count instead of using the 'point' system, it makes more sense to target 'younger' mobs. A combination of better grouping of mats, along with using 'kill points' would be a great change.

    Both Caboria & Sunjoq give Aim skill.

    It'd be nice if the mission givers were based on locations with TPs, especially since it's not uncommon to visit more than 1 broker per day.

    Even with all these suggestions, I'm not trying to complain. I'm only able to suggest these thing since I'm actually hunting some on Toulan. Keep up the good work!

    Mining Missions would be also nice... especially since about half of the listings on the Toulan auction are mine!

    EDIT: It looks like it doesn't take 24 our for a finished quest to repeat....not sure exactly how long it takes.
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    Thanks for the valued feedback Colbey , keep it coming.



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