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Thread: Clothes copiers

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    Clothes copiers

    Wow gee thanks for just taking old calypso clothes and copying the models then making the clothes cheeper with lower TT so that you damage the value of my bp collection and players clothes collections.

    gee thanks for making a pile of textures that need no skill so my skills value is damages

    at least try to follow some standards and make ORIGINAL clothes

    I hate your world -.-

    Kittens wont visit you

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    Thanks for NOT creating a new planet with a shitload of BP's that only uber's from other planets can click, and textures that only uber's from other planets can apply. On this planet are the materials and blueprints to craft decent clothing for this planet (and anywhere some one chooses to export them). That is 1000x time better than a planet full of crap nobody wants and some cool shit that's only be available to 'fly-by" players.

    The make-a-planet-to-steal-Caly-ubers business model has be such a huge freakin' success - oh wait, I meant failure. Thanks for making a planet designed to stand on its own and appeal to a new audience.

    Don't take this personally, but MA is not a protection racket for you skills Kitten; you've had years to benefit from them. Heaven forbid someone in the fashion industry has to change - or face competition from cheaper foreign markets. EU is Dynamic - growing and evolving - and anyone who's plan involves total reliance on the status quo is going to be disappointed again and again - you've been around long enough to know that.

    I am a Caly expat myself, although certainly no Uber, but I have been on Toulon since it first launched - leaving only for quick supply runs - and one thing I think has been done right that every other new planet has done wrong is to truly cater to new and low-level players. There are nice mid-level mobs - but Toulan is devoid of the 'whales' every other planet has used to try and steal, or at least borrow, existing Ubers. For long run success, a planet needs to work for it's own new players, first and foremost.

    On Toulan a young player can hunt and mine for mats, craft for BP's and more mats, and then craft and design finished products. That is a relatively well designed starter economy, but it's by no means easy. Even with my skills, it takes ages, and lot of PED's turned over, to put anything complete together.

    Keep up the good work, and ignore the Ubers - they do not have your best interests in mind, only their own.

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    You should visit Planet Toulan, Kitten. It is a nice planet.

    Materials to craft Toulan clothes are quite hard to get, so it is not so easy to obtain them.

    And, for this reason, not so many people craft them, so this is not any sort of competition. Moreover, these clothes bring some 'Arabic touch' to the Universe. Who would be opposed to this?

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    The elder coat was too easy to make (the recipe was changed to include redulite, problem fixed) and I think probably the TT value of it should be more like 50 ped than 7 ped. But, on the whole I like the way the toulan clothes are balanced: requiring a LOT of grinding just for one click. Compare to something like the Cognac coat on Caly which takes TT mats which you can essentially grind out endlessly and not effect the market value on the hunting mats noticeably (if you can get enough platinum).

    Cognac coat
    8 Fine Leather
    30 Generic Leather
    2 Platinum ingot
    10 Soft Leather
    18 Wool Cloth
    10 Wool Thread

    Motamared shirt
    31 belkar ingot
    44 thawr leather
    19 fairuz ingot
    22 qasdeer ingot
    37 nawa vial
    46 youd bottle

    The ones in bold take a LONG time to gather and have significant MU. My least favorite is Youd, though of course hunting enough thawrs for 1 shirt takes about 6 of the repeatable missions and a weekend of hunting thawrs, and something like 2500 ped spent on ammo (typical loss of 250 ped TT). Qasdeer is quite difficult to get in quantity as well, and amping the area has resulted in very high cost for me (2-300%, sometimes more).

    As painful as it is to click this out 5, 6 times without a success, in the long run this kind of thing is more healthy for the economy since it should produce consistent MU for the hunters (and miners, tho to a lower extent). I've always said, it's more healthy for the economy to limit an item not by the BP but by the difficulty of getting the materials. UL clothes (at least upper level ones) shouldn't be easy to produce since they never break.
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    Name:  copy shoe.jpg
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    yet more exact model copy with a difrent fields and a lowered TT so to damage existing trix heals BP value and clothes values.

    Name:  copy shoe 2.jpg
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    Not the Same ^

    They are similar, but not the same. You see "loss of value", I see a variation on a classic design. If you want to insist they are the same, fine, but that just exposes what your true interests are - protecting what you've got and fighting against change.

    You have fun with that.

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    Well what about IRL, 2 pair of heels, one expansive ( 600,00) and one cheap (30,00) look about the same to me
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAZER View Post
    Well what about IRL, 2 pair of heels, one expansive ( 600,00) and one cheap (30,00) look about the same to me
    Yeah I tried this with my wife.... It didn't go too well... Thankfully she likes diamonds more!

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    Yes, crafting in Toulan is child's play - that must be why I haven't been able to craft/discover the Fisherman's Shorts from the BP that I discovered several days ago.

    So far I've manged to gather mats for 4 (unsuccessful) clicks. Still trying to gather mats for click #5 - and this is a Level I BP. I got lucky on those shoes - first try success with no extra mats on hand. If there is to be high volume crafting on Toulan, there will have to be a massive amount of hunting and mining activity behind it - and that is surely the idea.


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    Not sure what the issue is here. Trix heels and Adrees Shoes are both the standard type of high heel we have in RL, designed long before Entropia ever came into existence.

    As for TT value, Calypso clothes were too high. they needed to come down. I for one hate having so many peds tied up in TT, especially when I have a shop full of clothes. In many cases it forces me to use the cheaper colors and textures in order to balance out the TT. For special clothes it's fine to have higher TT, but for everything else it's totally useless. I rather put my peds into higher MU that helps the economy rather than have them sit there doing nothing in my shop. I do think the labibah and elder coats could have stood for a little higher TT since they're on the higher end of the line, but to have a decent TT they still had to be drastically lowered from the Caly coat TT because 209 peds TT for a virtual coat is ridiculous, unless it's something very special.

    Besides all these BP's are availabe to anyone. I have managed to obtain the entire collection without it adversely affecting my ped card in the long run. It's just a matter of how much effort you want to put forth.
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