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Thread: Toulan Stable

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    Toulan Stable

    Hello everyone, I am now the proud owner of the Toulan Stable Estate deed

    Some memories... This was taming in 2009. Toulan planet had not yet been discovered at that time...

    Name:  Entropia 2009-04-13 09-18-15-22.jpg
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    We really hope to see you all in our stable somewhere next year
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    Gratz! Glad to see a lot of the stables going to old time tamers. Prepare the stalls for tabtabs!

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    Congratz to the owner and manager of Toulan's first stable

    oh, pet Tabtabs... I want about 10 of them following me around

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    Congrats on the stable - it's in good hands.


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    Thank you for your support

    Tabtab vs. Thawr... Who will win the battle? The suspense is at a peak

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    graz nice purchase, I am sure that will be a great investment as the planet grows




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