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    Buying Qasdeer Stones/Ingots

    Buying Qasdeer Stones/Ingots

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    Bump... I dont know what price to offer, so please make a suggestion if you have any for sell.

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    I mined some today... the cost to mine was about 300%. Most of the toulan minerals tend to be higher cost than "normal" minerals from other planets, so it's a good idea to keep this in mind when calculating your cost to craft and setting prices. There are several reasons for the high price of qasdeer, one is because it's the only mineral in the area and homogeneous spawns, in my experience, tend to have lower hit rates than areas where you can find several minerals.

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    If the price is 300% it is that way.. it is 400% so be it.. but PLEASE.. anyone could sell me some?

    I was so desperate I hired a miner.. who found none with a Terramaster 5 and some enhancers

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    I've been mining all over lately, sorting out what is were. I had found Qasdeer once in the past but I can't recall where, and I've not found it again.


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    Hey Miles, can you remember what equipment you used?

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    I carry an F-103 and and an F-105. I've almost always been using the 105 on Toulan. It might have had a couple of tiers worth of depth enhancers at the time, but they've all broken while I've been and I wasn't really paying much attention at the time, so I can't be sure. It was right before I stopped exploring and just concentrated on trying to meet Aqeeq, Sham, and Youd demand.

    Now I'm back to exploring again and I've got most stuff sorted out, but Qasdeer is proving elusive.

    I haven't stopped looking.


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    Thanks a lot Miles!



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