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    Damar, for the love of destruction

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    Codenamed "Shockwave", Damar is a heavy gun from the Diqa collection, the set widely recognised for its excellent accuracy. The influx of Nawa to the gun is designed to breath through the weapon and make its way to the enemy's weakest spot.

    Fancy a go? ;-)

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    Ooooooo...looks sweet! I'm in for that one

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    Is it Christmas already? Where is my present?

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    Damar oh yes! I do fancy a go, pretty please !

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    Sign me up


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    now I can just imagine this gun requires a bit of nawa in inventory as you use it, but when you run low on nawa the next shot sends you tumbling backward with a big shockwave, instead of damaging the mob since you were foolish enough to try to fire it without enough nawa energy

    ready to give it a try, where do I sign up?

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