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    It looks like those who can't see them, don't see them everywhere. I met several guys with that problem and with one of them we visited together most of locations (all tps and couple of outposts) and I led him to a tech in each of them - for him it was just an empty space. Bought him the bps in the end, but with 1 click per bp that probably didn't help him for long.

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    i can't see them on all planet, no matter what outpost or tp NO TECHNICIANS on TOulan

  3. 04-22-2014, 08:27
    Violation of Forum Rules 2.2 , 2.7

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    Perhaps this is the work of the dastardly Narians. They've put some kind of magic spell on some of us

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    Yeah MUST be that George

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    well downtime tomorrow Guys so maybe there will be a fix for those who cant see them.

    Dont get to upset about this, cause even if u could see them, the bps only have 1 click each atm.

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    Well we are after down time and there is no technicans :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Well we are after down time and there is no technicans :/
    True. It was my mistake it was maintenance not release.


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