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    Whats your favorit Toulan mob and why?

    Mine is Thawr because it looks cool, and the name sound cool I think ^_^

    I like that the mobs here have high HP too

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    Wahesh because they are big and scary even from far away. Hunting them underwater with that sound that they make while you stalk them gives me a creepy, heebie-jeebie feeling which I like. Plus, they are a little over my level/gear and therefore there's a fair chance of me dying so there is some sport and excitement in hunting them for me.

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    I like the Kaffash. They look like flying Dobby elves from harry potter. highest level i can find is level 13 tho. havent seen any bigger. guess i have to move up to Thawrs and Duhols

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    Thanks Legacy, we'll look into the Khaffash levels across its various spawn areas.



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