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    New Social User Interface - Discussion Thread

    The New Social User Interface out, MindArk has put a lot of effort into it and now it is time for your valued feedback for potential improvements.

    Please post your thoughts, issues faced and suggestions to reach the level of UI that You want!

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    Feb 2014
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    the background of the chat is really annoying. the blue honeycomb shape background does not go well with most colors of the chat.

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    Feb 2014
    I won't go into details because there are many but to summarize:

    Some good and important new functionality, powerful features
    Too much clutter and complication
    Not that intuitive
    Font and contrast could improve
    Takes too much attention away from the game, and importantly the scenery which is very impressive in this game on all planets

    A step in the right direction but needs work


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    Missing the skill level progression flag we used to get when we reached a new level. It was nice to be able to see what we achieved at a click.

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    Below is a good point by Svarog which matches my own thoughts:

    Quote Originally Posted by Svarog View Post
    • Seriously consider to abandon this embossed style from MMOs of 90's and go back to the elegant flat design of the old chat and the radar area.



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