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    Quote Originally Posted by Sankalony View Post
    And hey Farah! It has been long time since we talked in EP forum! Hope you are well!
    Although you promised I will be the first to know when you launch, I have been 3 weeks late
    Hehe, that IS true, I guess I just got caught up in the excitement of the soft launch...! Keep me posted on your thought on the game, hope to see you online soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brunovetallt View Post
    Ive been crafting some arkadia items on Toulan, only to see portable TT BPs drop.
    Is it possible to loot toulan BPs with an arkadian bp?
    Will ask and get back to you asap!

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    Feb 2014
    taco just looted a sahra bp, not sure what he was clicking tho

    on a side note, the new interface almost brings me to tears

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    That wasnt a real discovery, the BP is for sale i technician...

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    Feb 2014
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    Great update. Loving it! Hoping that there may be some UL stuff in the loots or maybe something for a higher level

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    I looted the BP from clicking jesters d1s. It was L version of one of the tt BP. However, all the BP's became L in the tt and have one click only. So, yes it was a discovery of a new BP (42 click L vs UL) but the tt BP's ware all changed to 1 click L bps. Any news on this?

    ALso, when I clicked one of the ones that used to be UL, I lost it after one click
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    Still no Loot Collection Pills in Terminal btw.. just a heads up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunsout Gunsout View Post
    However, all the BP's became L in the tt and have one click only.
    I noticed this too.. any idea's why? or if they will go back to UL?

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    any updates with the mini patch - maybe some loot collection pills ? and ores starting to mature ?

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    I think we will se some rocket launchers today


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