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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridan View Post
    I would say the post is bout bad loot in general not Toulan specifik . However its a valid point bout only 4 types. Its hurting Toulan. I dont get that MA that knows how this works dosent put up a basic valid strukture for new planets. Basicly a basic eco for a starter planet. As is now U explore and enjoy for a few days then U leave.
    Its not about money for us but it SHOULD be for Toulan. Wanting to keep us here should be a prio. And without loot there will be no crafting, without crafting no reason for mining. So basicly it stops the economy of a new planet.
    But...If you hunt higher lvl mobs you will even get Thyroid and Adrenal Oil, so there was actually 6 types of loot since the BETA launch.

    And from what I heard, Oil residue was added on the patch this week, which makes it 7 diff types... anyways its still bad tho.
    Planet Toulan should have its own loot added in the launch day... even tho it was bugged or whatsoever, MA should help them out and let them insert the patch as soon as it was available... not when it fits to MA to make changes to Calypso.

    Imho it really sucks that planet partners needs to wait with their patch's/updates until MA decide to insert new changes to Calypso. Planet partners should have the rights to insert their own new updates when its available!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tina View Post
    Always a 20% Return.
    Garbage mining 20% Returns as well.
    lmfao wtf???

    and ye its still in a beta testing phase so what do you expect? A fully functional planet? If they said to you "toulan is now hard launched and all features available" then yes, your post might have some relevance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitch View Post
    lmfao wtf???

    and ye its still in a beta testing phase so what do you expect? A fully functional planet? If they said to you "toulan is now hard launched and all features available" then yes, your post might have some relevance
    I can't say anything about the return because I haven't been to Toulan yet, and have been more social and a media entity than a "player" of the game, but ... I'm more positive about Toulan than not, and given how much we have all learned historically about planet launches, it just makes sense given the dynamics of such to have a fighting chance right out the gate. I hope what will be added this week with the patch will contribute to the basics that are so critical for developing a working economy. In this respect, I absolutely agree with Ridan and Tina.

    I really like that Toulan is more culturally diverse, and that they have a unique theme. What I've seen of the planet through live streams and other videos, photos and comments by players, I really like. I'm looking forward to exploring the planet with Obie, and am considering doing a nice article for Toulan as a result, even though I said I stopped writing for EU last year Oct 1st. Their uniqueness has inspired me, so I might do something special.

    I think of all the planets launched since Calypso, Arkadia gave itself a fighting chance because of how they launched, and are really making great progress, but I would like to see Toulan do that as well, because from what I've heard, they will be the last full planet joining our universe, and everything else going forward will be like Monria. That's not a bad thing, but a full PP has the ability of using their own development team, and I like that a lot.

    I will definitely be following Toulan and wish them every success, but we all know it isn't easy.

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    For my 5 day stay on Toulan to explore and stream for society on I had excellent returns and skill gains. Toulan seems to receive a bonus for number of times a skill gain buff as well. Had more skill gains bonuses in those 5 days then I have in 2 months on other planets. So maybe they are offsetting loot with better skills gains? Skills are worth money after all.

    Personally, I loved my stay on Toulan and will be back soon. Until at least planet loot or a IRON mission system is implemented it will be hard to keep players there on a permanent basis. That being said I love the roll out procedure for this planet. Roll out piece-by-piece (while keeping good pacing) to check for bugs and/or feedback. The models/textures, artistic design, and overall planet are drop dead gorgeous especially for a MMO. The focus on one server and providing quality vs quantity is much appreciated. As it stands I expect great things from this planet and will continue streaming/supporting players to explore and take part in this so-far excellent planet. Nice work Toulan team! Keep it up!

    PS. As a side plug you can find my stream of Toulan at I mainly talk about what mob I'm hunting, the setup, observations, answer questions, and just stream good music. This is a good way for players to get an idea of the planet and drum up interest.


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