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Thread: Tabtab

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    Tamable Tabtab

    I'm not sure if my post posted, cause I'm new and all, so I'll repeat, the tamable tabtabs are north of the pit north tele, on the green mountain around the summit. wish I was on toulan so I could give exact coords, if I head there later I will. I think I tried to help you find them the other day that was frustrating, yeah? lol.


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    My last post didn't show up for some reason. I have found one @136879,92909,118. Thank you everyone.

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    Were is the best place to find these guys for taming purposes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venture Bros View Post
    Were is the best place to find these guys for taming purposes?
    Just outside the West gate of Guardian Village, turn North and there is a new spawn of Tamable Tabtabs along the shore of the lake going towards the Dam.


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    hp min?

    What's the actual hp on these things?
    It's been a while since I was over on Toulan.

    Entropiawiki's main creatures search shows 10 hp is minimum...
    but on clicking the page for that critter it shows 15 is the minimum.

    Are the tameable ones 10, 15, or 20 health?

    Trying to decide if it's better to skill up my pet's prereq bars on tabtab or bristlehog. Thinking bristlehog is better option since many pets can't spawn on toulan til they reach level 7?


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