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    I'm absolutely lost

    Started this game, I appeared on a place that signaled me to a teleport, accepted and appeared on planet Toulan, but I literally don't know what do I have to do, at all.

    I have been walking around but I just dont find anything to do, so wanted to ask if it was normal.

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    At the citadel teleporter, there should be a missions that gets you started and takes you pretty mutch acros the planet.
    If you are still in thule that is a starter area that also teaches you the basic by following a quest line. (this one seems to be bugged atm)
    You can see were you are under or above you minimap.

    This game is not like your typical mmo's in the sense that there are not quests telling you what to do. This game is one of the biggest sandbox games you'll ever play and has a steep learning curve. Do not let this frighten you as most of the comunety will help you out best they can.

    Here is a place that has lots of info for new players. Some of them are specificly made to Calypso (aanother planet) but hold true across the universe. The mobs (animals,mutants,robots) will be different but the actual gameplay will stay the same.

    Type /j #toulan to join the toulan chat and you can ask for help in there if you are in need.

    Welcome to Toulan and good luck out there.



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