Game keeps crashing when I try to log in.Started yesterday when tryed to enter planet,crashed and keeps crashing..Tryed log in with diferent PC,same thing,I oppened support case yesterday to MA support.No answear in @ 8 hours...Wanted to see new content on planet,was only once on Toulan @ 4 years ago...I just lost all my auctions becouse I can t log in and after a long work week I can t log in to Eu...My weekent and auctions is ruined..Don t know who I need to give thanks for the weekend server crash...MA or Toulan....Wish I could just get off planet to try to save some auctions

If there is no quick patch or fix I will lose too much gameplay time and money and I will never ever come back to Toulan...sorry...I invested too much money in the game,no one pays for my time and money lost becouse of falty planet/bug