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    Ive updated the initial post with some stray thought

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    Not big on the priorety list ,but better spawns would be nice.
    -I mean the diverse matureties, having the mature in a spawn with the old alpha etc.. is annoying imo.
    -Missing matureties from certain mobs. (yes i know they are availeble in the zoo)
    - I second the cuhof eco. There is no way to even come close in breaking even there.
    see here
    -Did you ever try hunting caboria, then you know you get stuck on the floor and walls all the time.
    -There is alot of glitches in the textures i gues when you travel across Toulan.
    -Sometimes mob spawn with the unreacheble active on them and you got to get hit before you can kill them.
    -Some smaller big density spawns cause alot of mobs to become unreacheble. (really annoying)
    -Some npc keep a quest marker above their head and then gives a quest meet me and when you stop talking the quest is complete. But it keeps doing that every time you talk to the npc.
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    -if you promise a pet will get a special skill (Lateef) then you should keep that promise. And not invent some almost untamable mob that you get a "chance" to tame. The buff should be on the scottish fella, that we held on to for years and levelled up because it would get that buff.

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    added a bit more


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