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    Stuck after landing on planet

    Anyone else have it happen when they try to land on planet and the game immediately crashes.

    Currently try to log in and the game just keeps crashing immediately after the loading screen.

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    I heard something about that, it seems when you have grafix on medium or lower the game crashes when logging in.
    I cannot confirm this tho. It might be worth trying to start in safe mode and if that works try to change your settings.

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    also change the number of download strings to 1 in your client loader

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    Toulan crashes if your game is in safe mode or low graphix. Well, it used to before this VU.

    If the game thinks you are on the planet already, and your graphic settings are low, you may need to uninstall and reinstall to set the game graphix back to default parameters.
    This happened to me and I wasn’t able to log in long enough to change the graphix. Game crashed immediately every time. Reinstall was the only remedy.

    But if you are in space, at the ss......try raising the graphics manually, then enter the planet.

    Hope this helps.


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    pretty sure I'm in the planet now, crashed right after I entered.

    I was in safe mode when I entered because I was having issues getting past some invisible barrier to get to the planet, kept glitching.

    I've been adjusting settings, thread count etc, continues to crash.
    Also submitted support case.

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    finally loaded, I think this planet doesn't like safe mode.

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    Glad to hear!
    how did you get it to load? In case someone else has the same problem, remedy can be documented here.

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    Welcome to Toulan.



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