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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    Planet Toulan Release Notes 20.2

    June 02 2020

    New Content :

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    . New Taming Content

    . Introducing Toulan's new tamble creature "Karmoosh Aleef" with the following unlockable passive buffs

    Skill Gain Pet & Taming 10%
    Decrease Critical Damage 3%
    Auto Loot 45 Meters

    . The Guardian Village Stable, previous placeholder model have now been updated into a new Stable building model.

    . New Shack/Hut and a Booth added for the Stable owner.

    . Toulan Master Tamer NPC Kenda, have been moved from Nahar City to Stable and now has 2 Missions. (both missions have pre-requirement of Nawacore MK3)

    Mission : Taming Karmoosh Aleef

    Requires hunting all 5 Wave Spawners Boss Mobs, after completing the mission NPC Kenda will provide a "Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key"

    Mission : Give Me Your Karmoosh Lateef
    (this mission is considered compensation mission for who has Karmoosh Lateef pet, can bypass the Kill 5 Bosses mission and instantly get Key reward)

    NPC Kenda asks for your "Karmoosh Lateef", she will take it and in return provide you with a "Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key"

    . Fauna & Flora Lab 2 Building is now open, containing Karmoosh Aleef Lab, for both a Solo or Team portal entrance to its dedicated instance, which consumes "Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key" for entry.

    . "Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key" is a non-tradable item

    . The Karmoosh Aleef Lab room requires "Nawacore MK3" as a requirement to enter.

    The Kenda NPC two missions are not connected to each other, and can be repeated with no limitations.

    . Changes :

    . The New Player Experience (NPE) has been fixed across multiple of its missions

    . Fixed some instances/dungeons that previously incorrectly deducted PECs at entry

    . Various Loot and Mining fixes

    . Visual fixes of textures, lighting, Moon glow

    . Visual and interior/exterior optimization fixes of Nahar Towers Building

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    Nice update!

    I am happy to see that my stable has been enhanced
    Taming and pets in Entropia Universe -

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    Wow nice, gratzz on the added booth
    You are the only one with a shop on Toulan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WangXiang View Post
    Nice update!

    I am happy to see that my stable has been enhanced
    I am happy that your still around, hope your stable eventually turns out to be a good investment :-)

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    What does this mean exactly?

    Requires hunting all 5 Wave Spawners Boss Mobs, after completing the mission NPC Kenda will provide a "Karmoosh Aleef Lab Key"

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    There are 5 area were mobs spawn in waves, if you complete those waves a big boss appears and when you kill all 5 you have an option to spawn the special tabtab. Not sure how it works now with the new mission tho.

    Those bosses are tuff as hell so keep that in mind.

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    I already have a Karmoosh Lateef pet.
    Do i need to kill all the Bosses again or i can proceed directly to the Mission "Give Me Your Karmoosh Lateef"

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    first you need to get the mk1, mk2 and mk3, you can trade your old pet for the key so i think your good to go sinds it gives the same key .
    If the npc was working as intended i could have told you for sure but the nawacore agent doesn't want to give me an mk3.

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    Talk to Hally for Nawacore upgrade parts. He has em for sale if you donít feel like grinding out the Cuhofs

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    Hi People,

    The quest "Give me your Karmoosh Lateef" didn't work for me.

    When I placed the old pet in the Npc trade window and clicked confirm,
    I got an error message:

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    Name:  Quest_Give_me_your_Karmoosh_Old_pet_placed.jpg
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    Name:  Quest_Give_me_your_Karmoosh_Lateef_Error_Message.jpg
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    Name:  Quest_Give_me_your_Karmoosh_Error_Message_Big.jpg
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    Tried to relog but it didn't help.

    I sincerely hope this will get fixed soon.



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