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    lower matureties of thawr

    I'm hunting within a certain dps range as my means don't allow for bigger.
    I would love to see a spawn of lower maturetie thawr so i might start working on their Quwa challenge if at all possible.

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    Have you tryed the lowest sizing in the murder zoo on the island ?

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    I used the low maturity "Murder Zoo Islands" (LOL) to complete the Thawr, Duhol, and Jeef Zajer Mission chains. If you can get the Nawa Cores at decent price, it's worth the entry fee. 10 cores for 1hr of constant shooting and looting.

    Peace, Miles

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    Yes, that is 10 ped per hour extra.
    I'm all about minimal input and maximal gain to see how close to 100% TT return i can get.
    Don't get me wrong, i'm not dissing the murder zoo. I think its a great tool for those who want to use it.
    It's just not for my playstyle.



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