Dear Beladcom, Thers increasing activity on your planet, we are a bunch of players that have (re)Discovered your amazing planet, many of us are experienced entropians, and we are having a blast, we are all hoping to discover something exiting, we all love the planet and the new experinces it gives us. I have ran a lot of cuhof missions, and have aquired the 3 cards for the other missions and ran those quite a lot to. im saving up mirsal and sabika and im really exited for more. More and more of us have the nowacore mk3, and we would love to expand on that to even higher cores, but we also hope these will bring us new chances for glory :-)

Please please work with MA to secure that thers new stuff to be found, and this dosnt have to be amazing and unique UL items, im sure we all just want the exitement. But it wouldnt hurt if something truly amazing was to be found.

Im compiling a list of concerns and small errors thats easely fixed, and if we are allowed im sure many of us can contribute in ways that you guys havent even thought of.

Thank you for providing this amazing planet, it has brought exitement and joy to my game for well over a week now, and i dont hesitate to say that you have an unique chance now to make this gem shine.

Harry Hally Alliendes EU veteran :-)