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    new mission idea....

    since the temple doesnt drop nawa anymore, there's really no reason to go there anymore. if i need oil i can mine it. but im thinking we need a reason to enter that area. oil is not a good reason to go to the temple.

    so im thinking we need a mission that involves the pvp/temple area.

    one idea ...maybe an NPC will "pay" for a picture of Thawr divine. "scan" the divine for the "picture"...then return to the NPC for a free single nawa fragment. available once a day. need to do it twice just to make 1 single nawa energy core. or even a free 1 ped of univ ammo. i dunno something.

    but at the moment, we really dont have a reason to go to the temple anymore.

    before, when we picked nawa, there were times when we could sit at the temple chatting and picking the nawa.
    but now, the khaffash cost more to kill than the oil picked. so no real reason to go to the temple anymore. unless maybe add a new instance at the temple. maybe add a unique item in the loot there. similar to the sabikah and mirsal..... collect enough and trade to an npc for the figurines once codex comes and the quwa challenges become outdated.

    personally i would like to see nawa reinstated at the temple and move the oil back into the ground like before...just as long as it not ONLY oil and lyst like it was for a short time. that would make nawa prices go up. we will either be friendly pickers, or we fight for the nawa. that would bring pvp back, spend peds on ammo and decay to defend our nawa. but im sure you have reasoning for the nawa decisions and im not gonna question it. i love toulan regardless. nawa or no nawa. hides or no hides.


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    on a personal note... i dont care to get a "free" ped of ammo, or looking for "free" nawa energy core. reading back it looks like a request for something for "free"...totally not the case. im just trying to think of ways to make toulan even more awesome than it already is...and also to generate more traffic. also we need someone checking temperatures at the citadel in case these travelers coming might have the corona. haha jk



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