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    3 pec to enter cuhof.

    i completed the cuhof 1 four times today. this last time i noticed it pinched .03 pec from my ped card. is that intentional or a fluke? im not complaining about 3 pec or anything. just seemed kind of weird. i pulled 100 ped ammo and zero'd my ped card then when i tried to enter with my nawa energy core, it said "insufficient funds" to enter...i didnt even know it took straight from my ped card. i will have to pay attention when i enter these instances and see what fuana and flora charges.
    we have these nawa energy cores valued at 1 ped each. fauna and flora instances cost us quite a few nawa energy core to enter as it is.

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    Thanks Legacy for bringing this matter to our attention, to my knowledge it's definitely not intended to take PECs in addition to the keys for dungeon entry.

    We'll investigate it and apply any corrections needed, keep your valued feedback coming.



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