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Thread: Jeef Zajer

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    Jeef Zajer

    Enjoying trying out Toulan. I successfully completed Jeef Zajer 2 (kill 1800 mobs) and attempted to continue to Jeef Zajer 3 (kill 2500 mobs) I went through the process of turning in mission 2 and attempting mission 3, however I do not seem to have an open mission.
    I relogged and even killed 3 Jeef Zajer and no change.

    Support said merely that they would forward the information to the Toulan team.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you
    Scott DoctorH Joel

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    Hi Scott,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, with the Codex being implemented on Toulan soon, the existing Quwa challenges will no longer be available, but will only remain for a period of time for those who have them active until they complete them.

    We will investigate this Jeef Zajer mission chain, and return to you with a response.

    Thank you and please keep your valued feedback coming.

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    Thank you for the prompt reply. Do you have a timeframe for codex implementation? Will we get ample warning prior to implementation so we can prioritize missions?
    Thank you

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    Hi Scott,

    Sorry for the delayed response on this matter.

    Unfortunately the Codex will not be implemented for planet partners yet.

    All Quwa challenges will remain as is.

    We'll further investigate this Jeef Zajer mission chain, have you been able to get the rewards of Stage 2? and now Stage 3 won't start for you?

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    Thank for checking in again. I thought you fixed it as the mission allowed me to progress a day or so after I made this thread. I am now on stage 4. Thank you again and please give ample notice fir codex implementation.



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