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Thread: Estates

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    any ideas when the apartments will become available? really looking forward to purchasing my first apartment!
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    Thank you for your interest Legacy, please keep your eyes on the upcoming VU for residential and commercial estates we hope you'll like.

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    theyre beautiful! i think people will like them! and the shops too! nice design! the rooftop dome with glass wall is nice but it needs is a couple crafting terminals and comfy chairs to chill in while we craft with a view over looking Nahar City!

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    The terminals on the roof are awesome!! i like it, and its an awesome view....but my game keeps crashing when i craft up there. Maybe the distance rendering or something...i even put my game in safe mode and tried to craft. still crashes on me
    sadly i cant craft up there for more than 20 minutes. maybe its my pc, i dunno..ill get a couple friends to try crafting up there and see if they experience the same thing.

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    Would love to buy myself an apartment on Toulan as well and establish myself here. If they are decently priced, like when they were launched on Calypso a decade or so ago.
    Since I sold mine there, I have been looking for a new home and toulan is definitely the most beautiful place around.



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