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    Sandy Shores Bridge

    I have a suggestion. i love toulan.. but theres this annoying bridge. From the Sandy Shores South teleporter to the temple, there's a wooden bridge you have to cross. its bumpy and slow crossing it. i'd recommend retexturing it to a smooth run or just do away with it completely. its just a little swim. either way, im sure very few people cross that bridge. but i do. i like to hunt the bahri and kaffash back there. so im suggesting revamping that bridge.

    another suggestion, for that caboria mission, it gives you a waypoint to the bottom of the cliffs to hunt caboria for the loot that was not dropping for some time. its dropping now...but my suggestion is maybe add a televator. tp down and up. i mean i know we can fly ships now since nawa radiation has dissipated, but should nawa radiation levels ever rise easy way up and down would be great.

    on a side note, the mining loot is working again! im finding variety of resources which is great. i can make cuhof keys and clothes again! thanx a bunch!!

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    Thanks Legacy for your always valued input, we'll look into the bridge you mention.

    We'll also check out methods of easy access to the lower levels around Nahar City.



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