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Thread: Mining

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    Is there something wrong with mining loot as well? I've run mining runs all around the map, and it seems to be almost nothing but oil and lyst. Is there someplace specific to look for aqeeq? I've been basically unable to click bp's, as finding the materials necessary seems to be almost impossible at the moment.

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    Yes we're aware of many Toulan specific loot and mining resources not dropping, we're addressing it with maximum priority and will hopefully have it fixed before the next VU.

    Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you Asher for your valued feedback.

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    Glad to hear it's in the works. Any idea when the next VU is coming? I'm currently on Toulan, but if it's not soon, might have to divert off to NI or something until this is fixed. Also, is aqeeq in particular just not dropping at all, or just very rarely?



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