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    Hunting Loot only around 4 types / Crafing no BP's dropping?


    my soc mates hunted a lot and looted only around 4 different types of things.
    Animal Eye Oil
    Animal Muscle Oil
    Animal Thyroid Oil

    I'm crafting Generic Leather Texture Blueprint.. i know nothing special, but after over 700 clicks no Blueprint dropped. Not even the usual calypso ones.

    Is that intentional?
    Are other looting other stuff?

    Kind Regards

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    I just posted in crafting forum the same thing, no BPs after ~ 2k clicks.

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    you stand beside me :P
    Hopefully it is not only this terminal behaving strange

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    Toulan blueprints are coming in next week's patch.
    Toulan Mobs have dedicated loot items, we'll follow up on this matter.

    Thanks Emma.

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    Thanks for the quick response, Mohammed.

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    That is good to know, do you have any eta on the hunting loot.
    Been hunting alot allrdy, its kinda boring with just oils.

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    Blueprints still not dropping. About 2500 clicks, no BPs at all, armor, tools, weapons. Can you confirm that they have indeed been put into the loot? Only component BPs appear to be dropping.

    Please get in touch with Mindark. If you have submitted the BP plans to them they can add them to loot on the fly and make them start dropping, they very often forget to add BPs to loot.
    Last edited by Neil Stockton; 02-26-2014 at 19:39.

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    The sky aint falling but the generic pattern looks tha same .
    Hoping this start to dorp soon thou.

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    hows the hunting loot after the update, still only oils/ammo drop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by afroman View Post
    hows the hunting loot after the update, still only oils/ammo drop?
    I'm heading back after a little side trip to Ark for supplies.. I will let you know


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