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    Official Weekly Event : Attack of Duhol Mohajem! (Suspended)

    This event has been suspended for the time being.

    The feedback on the event mobs have been taken into consideration.

    New missions for the event mobs will also be added in the future.

    Changes for new events will be announced soon.

    Thank you

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    Last time around, these were the Duhol event mob stats:

    Maturity Level HP Notes
    Dominant Mohajem 37 1300 event mob high regen
    Alpha Mohajem 38 1350 event mob high regen
    Old Alpha Mohajem 42 1450 event mob high regen
    Prowler Mohajem 46 1600 event mob high regen
    Stalker Mohajem 56 2000 event mob high regen
    Abu Dabas Boss 138 25800 event mob wave boss

    See you there!

    Peace, Miles
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    The Duhol Attack was good fun. It's a bit long to get to the first bosses, but I like the way the first Boss wave increases in intensity until chaos breaks out. I was laughing at one point - we wanted this? - when they overran the outpost.

    The second boss wave spawn - all at once with 5 minutes to go - could be bigger to improve chances for a big group loot at the end.

    The location is good, the turnout was nice, and it all happened right on schedule

    Thanks for bringing back this event, sorry to hear about the delay on the update.

    Peace, Miles

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    Thanks Miles, your feedback is always highly valuable.

    This event is a work in progress, to hopefully cater for every need, perhaps we'll add more boss mobs to the next one.

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    it was fun but i was mining the area when it started and got banged up by several at the same time. i was the first to die sadly

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    Cool videos AxeMurderer!

    Thanks for the constant feedback guys.

    For this Sunday, more quantities of Abu Dabas Boss mobs are expected.

    We're also seeking feedback on Timing and Duration of event, hoping it fits all time zones.

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    currently surrounded with no escape lol

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    There certainly were more bosses, to bad only 3 people showed. I killed some lvl 37.38.42 's but then the bosses showed up and we were stuck reviving at the revivel while those bosses were spawncamping us.

    May i suggest getting the loot in order so there is actually some people on Toulan to do these events.
    I'm afraid last weeks turnup noticed the lack of diverse loot.

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    I just logged in and it seems the spawn is still there. I gues they don't despawn after the event is over.
    I was lucky to be able to run inside and tp out after a number of try's, alot of people might be getting stuck here in the future, as not everyone has a tp chip.

    I'm stuck too now lol, i had to check it again ffs. I'm an idiot.

    There is 7-8 bosses camping the revival, i tryed 10 times to get into the outpost but there is no change.
    The 80 sec timer isn't helping either. Gues i'm stuck not playing atm.

    I'm not the only one stuck, i see other people trying to get inside too.
    I was able to get inside again but they just hit true the walls i gues cause i actually was murdered wile checking my storage.

    I managed to get to a spot they didn't seem to get to me and was able to tp out, there still are people who don't have a tpchip stuck there tho.
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