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    Thanks B-K, the Duhols obviously won this event

    We've cleared them out now, it should be safe again.

    Please check first post of this thread, as this event has been suspended to be revised for the future.

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    Nice, they did indeed win. Good thing they don't roam around or they might have taken over everything
    Missions is a good idea, just keep in mind that they are shared mobs, not sure if they count for missions.
    I wonder what the new events will be.

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    Aye, Defeated. Overrun

    I showed up a bit late and the bosses were already there. I did what I could with the event mobs, could do nothing versus the bosses.

    I look forward to what changes you come up with. The basic format was alright with enough players, but it's hard know what kind of turnout to expect. Is is possible for the amount of activity to trigger a stage, or is it all time based?

    A mission on the non-boss mobs would be a good way to keep people coming back - I believe most damage gets credit for the mission kill in similar situations.

    Peace, Miles

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    Maybe its time to shake up things again ? recently this planet has gotten more exposure then in the past years, the new spawns at the killing zoo, and me landing on planet, maybe `?


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