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    Im new to Toulan so this may not be a bug

    so was wondering why i can use the teleporters to go from on place to another
    also the first crafting mission requires tabtab teeth which havent seem to drop in 400 ish tabtab
    so if any of this isnt a bug i apologize ive only been on toulan for 2 days

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    The teleporters are there to make your life a little easier as you don't have to walk all over.
    As for the tabtab teeth ,it seems the new update screwed up alot (all) of the loot drops and we have been waiting on other loot fixes for a long time now.
    So we can only hope there will eventually be a fix.

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    Hi Doc,

    There was just an update that should address a big chunk of issues with Toulan, but it hasn't really taken effect for some reason. Once this update kicks in, you should be in better shape to do the missions.

    Mohammed did state that it will take a second update to address the rest changes they need to make, so we'll have to see how much this update did fix (hopefully next week).

    Peace, Miles

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    i apologize i messed up my wording for the teleporters i can only teleport back to the starting area and cant use the other 2 that ive ran out to as in i can teleport from pit north to cidadel but cant teleport from cidadel to anywhere

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    Have you run all the way to the other teleporters, you have to discover them i gues then.
    Make sure you get close enouf so you get the update in system chat

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    i cant even teleport to guardian from cit but i have teleported from guardian to cit

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    oh, that is weird.

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    Agreed - sounds bug-like.

    You should start with Citadel, and add the others to your list as you discover them. Once discovered, they should remain available.

    Good report.

    Peace, Miles

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    Thanks guys, this release is still being worked on to fully take effect within an upcoming patch, will come back with an ETA.

    DrPDQ, that's an interesting bug indeed, we've tested it out today and here are the findings :

    This is probably related to the new interactive system, you can actually activate the teleporter by pressing F or clicking on it from a short distance, and you'll be able to teleport.

    However the actual collecting of the teleporter, into your avatar map, has to take place by physically crossing a specific point, placed inside the teleporter.

    So what you need to do is actually, walk inside it, from side to side, until you see the notification "location name added".

    We'll address this with a fix to increase the teleporter collection box area.



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