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    Cold Cuts Research

    After Patch notes said cold cuts research now requires different loot. 3-14-19 is supposed to have different requirements. today is 3-20-19 and its still not the case. requires the same loot. i spent another 25ped just to be sure. so far brings my total to around 150ped spent on caborias. (50 ped..then google said abandon the mission and retake the mission, so i did, then spent another 50ped on caboria). grand total of about 150ped on your caborias. please please fix this mission. also give me an estate to open a gun shop. your planet (now my planet since i live on toulan) has almost no guns for sale. im having to return back to caly every few days for weapons.

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    This mission is being addressed for fixing as we speak, will be hopefully running correctly in an upcoming patch.

    Thanks for your feedback Legacy.



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