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    last vu destroyed whatever toulan loot was left

    Khaffash,sunjoq,qaffaz are not dropping hides like they did anymore i got 1 in 20 kills.
    It's one of the only mu items still worth hunting on Toulan for without them i'm afraid i'll be moving to other places.
    As it stands now almost all Toulan specific loot has none to extremely low droprate.
    I hope there will be a fix soon, i'm awaiting a response on this and would like to get a more definit answer then that something will happen soon cause soon seems to be a very long time for you guys.

    I also made a support case to ma, not that i expect anything else then the copy paste "we don't do blabla on toulan"

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    Thanks B-K, we have already started addressing this issue with today's VU.

    Each mob part in loot will be followed carefully until we have the economy working correctly again.

    Please check out today's VU release notes.



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