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    This always seems to be the case with Toulan updates - they need some sort of extra activation step to start working.

    I can confirm than almost nothing new works or drops, and even basic loot is bad - mining is mostly lyst and oil, and I had some CUHOF chests that had only shrapnel, something I've never seen before - and not single key part in any of them.

    At this point I'm just waiting....

    Peace, Miles

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    While the update has not really taken hold, there are some changes to report on.

    I have applied Amps to several classes of melee weapons that did not accept them. I haven't checked them all, but so far every one I've tried has worked.

    Thanks for removing the displays of all the items on Toulan from the Citadel TP area, they caused huge lag. It was a cool idea - how about putting the displays inside of a building in Nahar City?

    I like the wall to keep new arrivals from falling off the platform and getting lost. It's subtle and attractive - not at all how I envisioned it.

    I'll be away, offline for the weekend, but I can't wait to see the real changes in action.

    Peace, Miles

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    Not impressed.

    So it actually feels like the tabtab leather drop rates are worse after the patch and now all I get from mining is like 99% lyst like when new planets come out. I just did around 30 drops and every mineral was lysterium even in the pvp area.


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