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    Fix your fukada loot already! Tailor can't tailor!

    It's the middle of feb 2019 and the loot 2.0 adjustments you promised in the patch notes over a year ago never happened. No caboria, bahri and pretty much no tabtab leathers are dropping. I spent a lot of Ped farming toulan tailoring BP's and as it sits now a lot of them are not craftable anymore. Did you just give up development? Is this the next planet to go to the wayside? Can we get an official response please?

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    Hello, you are quite right and i totally understand your frustration.
    Bahri hides are still dropping i get them nearly every kill, but its not all the time when you looted a certain amount it seems to stop dropping, same on jeef q/z.

    A little light point might be that at the end of januari Mohemmed said this "Keep an eye out for the upcoming release."
    So lets hope that will include a fix for all missing loot.

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    I did get 2 tabtab hides last week.

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    My point is that the loot was never fixed. I can't efficiently craft tailoring blueprints like I could previously and some of the mats either never drop or drop extremely rarely now. Try crafting some shorts without caboria leather or higher level BP's that need 30+ tabtab hides and you get one every 5 hours.

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    Hi SInister, we apologize for the inconveniences of the prolonged economy problem.

    We're very aware of it, and addressing it as we speak.

    Thanks and keep your valued input coming.

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    Any ETA? It's 2019 and I'm not understanding why it's taking so long to change some integers and submit a patch. I have a background in game development and coding. i'm sorry but after hearing "were working on it" for months/years I would like a little more transparency.

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    Our dev plans and operations have been shifting gears forward with the beginning of this year, upcoming release is aimed to eliminate a lot of voiced frustrations, we hope it will rapidly raise satisfactions along with ongoing feedback.

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    Transparent like a brick wall. I'm guessing you were told not to say anything about ETA? Third quarter? Next year? Any end in sight? These are the same cryptic answers I was getting from the compet forum when they were trying to save face right before they closed shop and I was out deed money for my efforts.



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