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    There has to be more, right ?

    This planet is a gem, there has to be tonnes of stuff yet undiscovered ?

    Maybe devs can hint a bit ? i for sure would love to uncover something new and exiting, and this planet is a perfect place to do it.

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    the only undiscovered things are a few blueprint afaik. problem is that since armatrix series came out they arent competitive anymore

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    Thanks Hally and Paradox, very interesting points you bring up.

    We take note of everything you mention, we have a steady development track with exciting upcoming content.

    Some things take more time to develop than others, but we do change priorities based on demand as well.

    Keep your valued feedback coming!

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    Thank you for replying, im a semi experienced entropia player and i finnished the mk3 nawacore today, i fear ill catch up very quick.
    I am enjoying all the cool, and semi quirky missions, they mostly have great instructions, even if some are missing the location of the person you report back to.

    I have a tonne of feedback, but ill try and compile a proper post about all that, right now im just happy that i got a reply :-)

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    well it might be like 3 years back already when you mentioned this... 3 years is nearly enough time to develop a triple A title from scratch so i wonder what has been done in this time. cos all the stuff that was added in these 3 years i could have done alone in a week or two (and yes, i do have a game development background)



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