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    repeateble Quwa challenge

    A few other suggestions.

    -sinds i completed the bahri quwa challenge i don't hunt them that mutch anymore and i was thinking if the last stage could
    be made repeateble that would be nice. Maybe you could even add a new stage and make that repeateble. You can aply this
    to all quwa challenges.

    -this doesn't concern me alot as i am primarely a hunter but it seems mining missions are seriously lacking. Just adding a few
    more would go a long way towards miners i think. While on the subject creating some crafting missions could be a great way
    to get some crafters to come to Toulan and maybe create some mu for some mats. (thats after all mats drop again offcourse)

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    Thanks B-K,

    Quwa Challenges are indeed currently capped, we have a solution lined up for it.

    We'll look further into expanding Mining and Crafting missions.

    Keep an eye out for the upcoming release.

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    great, i cant wait for it.



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