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    something to consider

    When doing a wave and not being on time to kill all mobs in said wave all of them dissapear, even when you have one almost killed loosing the ped and decay done.
    On calypso some wave let the mob that has recieved dmg not dissapear and you can kill and loot it.
    It would be nice if the waves on Toulan had this feature.

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    To my understanding, all wave mobs disappear once the time counter to return to the wave is over.

    You're suggesting that a wave mob that has received any damage, would remain regardless of timeout?

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    Yes, that is what i am suggesting, the daikiba wave on Calypso works that way. It would be nice not to stand there shooting a mob and then have it dissapear in front of you when the wave times out.
    Not all wave work like that tho, most work exactly like on Toulan.

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    We'll look into it, to see how the waves experience can be improved.

    Thanks B-K, keep your valued input coming.

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    I have another suggestion about mobspawns in general.
    You have the low and high maturity mobs all together bunched up in one group/spawn area.

    Maybe you could put the lower maturities in a spawn and the higher ones in another so we don't have to own 2-3 different dmg
    weapons to go take on a spawn efficiently.

    Jeef qaher for example you could take the spawn just nw of the jeef Q wave spawner and leave the high mat's there and move the lower mat's more to the west. So you still have a jeef Q spawn but you can go big or small.

    Hope you can make sense of this post.

    ps. I would not mind a lower maturity thawr spawn.

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    Thanks B-K , we are open to changing formations of mob spawns based on players feedback, to provide the best hunting experience possible.

    We'll start with Jeef Qaher and Thawr spawns based on your input.

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    Thank you, very mutch appriciated.



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