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    Card Missions & Mr Salhoob

    Anyone have mob data for these missions?

    I usually grab all missions and work on them at random as I play, I can never just grind for objective for months in a row, I always need to switch off and work on other stuff and then come back.

    Well I grabbed 3 of the card missions and looked at the missions and they do not list the mobs the cards drop off of and hint to not TT the mob specific loot because it will be needed at turn in it just says collect x cards and return to Mr Salhoob in mission description. I am not sure if I have to hunt Bahri or not for one of the first 3 missions just remember the names of mob of two of the missions before I jotted done the other names, and because I am dumb I never listed which mob was for which card just made a list of the mobs, dumb me.

    Glad I remembered 2 of the 3 mobs that were listed and read the missions to not TT the mob specific loot for those first 3. the rest I did jot down the names of mobs but could an official please list them all and maybe up date the mission description in a future update to include the name of what mobs drop the cards being looked for. It sucks to have to take notes and not loose them by the time it takes to grind such a long mission set. Keep in mind most people are like me and just grab every mission possible when they find them and just work on stuff randomly. This type of vital info should be maintained in the mission description at least, well I think it should anyway.

    Thank You


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    Well, to make long story short, card parts dont drop, and most animal parts required to complete the recipe for the cards stopped dropping either.

    From memory, -Qaydar card was Duhol, Jeef Z. and Jeef Q.
    -Baydar was Mohkat, Qaffaz and Bahri.
    -Shamdar was Dahhar, Sunjoq and khaffash.

    I might be wrong, but it dont really matter until it get fixed




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