Hello all,

After releasing a Spreadsheet for Planet Cyrene, and based on the interest and actual usage for it, as well as in game requests from other players to make similar spreadsheets for the other planets, I have now completed a Spreadsheet for Planet Toulan.

So after draining the local supermarket of its beer and pizza supply, I have finally completed the Project.

This Excel Sheet is sorted by Mob and lowest HP per Mob, helping all players to progress naturally and ‘in order’ based on their skills and ability. With the right missions for a mob activated, you can do more than one mission at the same time. This is especially useful for noobs, disciples and mentors.

It has nice features, for example, check the mob damage type and highlight those columns, then scroll down to the armor to see if that damage is covered, or the other way round, armor to mob. Being Excel, once you have downloaded the file, just add in your own armor and check which mob your sets are best suited to. Complete a Quest and you can delete the info from the first three and last 2 columns (not the line) to stay up to date with your quests.

A few more points:

1) I do NOT take credit for the Info contained in this sheet, I only consolidated the available Info into a practical and workable form. The Info came from the hard work of other players.

2) Some of the Info is outdated, some missions or items are no longer active. I have kept them included as I believe Planet Devs like to release and then limit stuff, it may be that some Items or Missions may be reactivated in future.

3) If someone finds or has Info which is new, missing or incorrect in the spreadsheet, please post the info in this thread, or send me a PM in game so I can update the master file. I plan to update the online master spreadsheet once a month. (Depending on personal time and amount of Info received). Players who have downloaded the spreadsheet can update theirs from this thread accordingly.

The link to the spreadsheet:

Google Doc Spreadsheet

All the Best, Good Luck and HOF!

Mark Craftmeister Cheepos