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    Quote Originally Posted by miles View Post
    Due to the cryptic nature of this release note, and the complete lack of development/forum activity - I have to ask; have these changes been implemented by directly MA? (The obvious followup question; is MA now running Toulan?)

    I'd love to be wrong, but it feels like that. Time to make a trip back and check things out, and hope for the best.

    Peace, Miles.
    I also do not see hides dropping again from the Bahri. The Christmas boxes do seem to have been implemented however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammed|Beladcom View Post
    Sorry mastermesh, no gifts planned from us this month.

    We will consider gifts for the future.
    is this the year you considered giving the Christmas gifts out again as Arkadia and Calypso do yearly?

    (if you did start giving out xmas gifts, and gifts on other holidays, perhaps my avatar and the avatars of others may visit more often than we currently do, bringing our decay costs to skill up as well... Arkadia, Cyrene, and Rocktropia have each done Christmas events where some small mission needs to be done to get something in return around Christmasin different years... perhaps Toulan could set up something like that annually?... or do something similar in other holiday seasons of the year that are more themed in ways that are relevant to this planet?)

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    Thanks Mastermesh, We didn't have any Xmas gifts planned, but we're planning seasonal activities during 2019.

    Stay tuned for an exciting year, we'll include holiday gifts to come.

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    tailoring broken...

    A lot of your tailoring recipes use large stacks of tabtab leather and in February 2019 they still barely drop from any maturity. Please fix this.... Until it's fixed it's really not worth my time to farm the leathers and I'm not paying the ridiculous mu people want for them now because I'll never get it back from the clothing.


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