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    Shops / apartments

    id like to know when / if there will be shops or apartments on toulan. im quite sure that it would atract a lot of players. maybe even put the deeds in as rare loot in the instances. thatd be cool!

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    shops and apartments are always good but a lot more things need to be done I'd say before the need of these come along They are always buggy to implement and all planets that have them have had a ton of errors with them...

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    yeah well thats true that there are also lots of bugs but one of the main problems in my eyes is that the economy is missing.
    yes, you can sell a few things via chat and yes sometimes auction sell but if there would be a little market place in guardian village with some shop that have the common goods in stock maybe more people would come and use it and stay on the planet

    cos the auction house needs an overhaul and is total crap for planets like toulan. you cant make auctions down to pecs and you can only chose 7 days max with horrendous fees, especially for low quantity stacks which are dominant on small economies..

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    Yes, i would also really like a stall in Guardian Village to peddle my wares

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