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    ESI from Cuhof 03 Instance

    Hey People,

    Seems after the Loot 2.0 the treasure boxes in the Cuhof Instances contain more exciting items and the overall loot value got improved.

    Today I was so pleasantly surprised to loot 14.13 Ped ESI at the end of my Cuhof 03 run

    Name:  Box2_small.jpg
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    TT: 83.96%

    TT+MU: 139.49%

    Eco: 2.956

    Name:  ESI.jpg
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    Maybe its worth as well to try again the higher Cuhofs too.
    Something cool and shiny could be waiting to be picked up there


    Notes: Due to some unknown reason I am unable to setup the proper size of the attached images. Sorry for that.
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    Good Luck! - I hope you do find something shiny.

    ESI have always dropped in caves - just not often enough. It would be nice if that became more common with Loot 2.

    Peace, Miles



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