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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.4 "This release focuses on fixes"

    As an on again, off again, and now as of late on again Toulan "tourist" I have resisted the urge to post many comments about this planet because there are several with much more experience and time here than I. I think it's only fair that I spend some good time interacting with the missions, mobs, and reading through this forum before passing judgement, but I guess I couldn't hold off as long as I wanted. Oh well, consider this an installment

    Just a bit of background on me, born on Calypso in late 2006 when that was the only planet. Have had a few breaks along the way, but now have played daily for several years now and spend about 80% of my time on Arkadia with visits to Calypso and the other planets as a change of pace now and then. I visited Toulan shortly after it was discovered, and have come back periodically, like many, to see what has changed and just how the planet is doing in general.

    So, just happened to pull up the latest release notes and was greeted with the message "This release focuses on fixes" to include a mission fix (cold cuts), a fix so avatars don't get stuck in rocks (always good), and the long awaited "Optimization of rocks and vegetation" (insert sarcasm here). I don't think I'm alone in my feeling that this reveal was just a bit disappointing. I understand bug fixes are important, and the residents need to be notified that devs have taken action to correct them, but when that's basically all that the release notes contain it just says to me, "expect more of the same until the next VU."

    The problem I have is that more of the same is what's kept this planet from growing both in interest and population. I'm not sure how many are active on Toulan in a given day, but it appears at first glance to be very few and has improved little in the last few years. That's not always a bad thing, Cyrene can feel the same at times as well, but here on Toulan I see so much unrealized potential. To clarify, I really do like this planet, I find that I don't get the wide loot swings I experience on other planets and that appeals to me. However, 3 years into this the devs should really consider closing some of the gaps in armor and weapons as they relate to mobs, and address SOME of the long-called for improvements that litter this forum. Much of what I have below is not new, apologize to those who feel it's redundant, but my voice has not been heard yet so here it is to add to and support the comments of many. Maybe it will add a bit more weight to your arguments. Thanks for indulging me


    -- UL weapons are not a want, they are a need if this planet ever hopes to lure people here to grow the economy. I have read in a reply from the devs over a year ago that "UL are in the pipeline." All I can say is that it must be a very long and narrow pipe; we needed these items yesterday, please expedite the insertion. Good UL weapons will proliferate the universe and once seen on other worlds people will travel here for a chance to loot one...look at the Ozpyn lines from Cyrene, Ancient Greek longblades from Next Island, and similar from Arkadia.

    -- Nearly all (L) weapons looted/crafted on Toulan do not support hunting of the mid to high level mob spawns that exist. If I want to hunt Thawr up to L30 stalkers theres nothing on this planet that can touch them. All this does is say to players, "get your gear elsewhere" then traverse vast and dangerous interplanetary space to hunt here for a chance to loot what is by all accounts much of the same boring TT food you can get anywhere. Throw us a bone here and give Toulanians at least one good laser, BLP, long/shortblade and maybe some MF chip drops that do up near 80-100 dmg.

    -- The weapon drop rate is great here! Even if they are all mostly low TT stuff I do appreciate seeing an item in my loot window and they are often part of a mini-silent global. As mentioned, just wish they were more usable against many of the mobs.


    -- I will join the chorus here and cry out for some type of UL armor with meaningful protections. The best (currently discovered) armor I have ran across is Badaya with its 7,7,7 cut/stab/pen. Again, similar to the problem with weapons, none of the current armors support hunting any of the mid to high level mobs, which again means, "shop for your armor elsewhere and bring it with you, you're going to need it." Why not expedite the insertion/drop of something with at least low double digit protection?

    -- An UL armor mission like Arkadia did with its Viceroy would be an instant hit and bring people from every corner of the universe. Requiring local items unique to Toulan for the mission will breathe new life into the economy by raising MU and demand for these resources. How about a "special edition" for people who have completed an entire mission chain on any mob as a way to reward those faithful who have already put their time and effort into Toulan? (folks like Miles & Elani who have been solidly in your corner providing great feedback and assistance to newcomers)

    -- The armor designs are unique to the planet and vision of the devs as they should be, but just can't help but think the back of my Badaya thighs looks like a baboon ass


    -- To be fair, i haven't run a single one, but based on the trials/tests/results of others i see posted here I am reluctant to do so. If this is the mechanism by which new items are to be discovered (including the first UL item), then that's great but an avg return of ~70% over 15 runs of CUHOF 5 as posted by Noorie gives even the most dedicated hunter pause. UL should be very rare, I get that, but do returns have to be so sub-par and not contain anything or different than what loots normally?

    -- This will all change once proof of a rare item drops in an instance, ~70% return will be an acceptable risk to some seeking glory and riches, but until then it's looked at as a PED sink. I've watched other planets roll out instances and some rare items drop pretty quickly which messages the masses that there is potential reward there, which spurs interest. I suspect if UL items or undiscovered (L) weapons and armors have gone this long without being looted that it is probably due to too few avatars participating.


    -- I don't consider myself a miner by any account, but have given it a shot for both enmatter and ore on Toulan and am very happy with my returns as well as the variety of resources found. I have done better mining on Toulan than any other planet so far and now carry probes wherever I go It's still difficult to sell any of it for any MU, but I have nothing bad to say about mining on Toulan, keep up the good work!


    -- The newcomer and Quwa missions are great. This is what brought me here this time in fact, a need for an odd number of stamina and agility tokens to round up the 100 tokens required for a full point attribute reward. The Quwa mission rewards are generous in my opinion, and I look forward to completing many many more.

    -- May I suggest that with the few number and maturities of mission mobs on the planet that the introduction of an epic mission chain with an appropriate reward may be of interest, i know it would to me.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide my .02 pec. This is not a complaint post, it is meant to be constructive and hopefully helpful in making Toulan a better place for all. I will stay here for a while longer, complete some missions, have some fun, but will ultimately have to return to Ark or Caly to sell some things, upgrade a weapon, and resupply myself with some basics. I do hope for a day when I can stay a little longer and use the planet's resources to meet my needs. Until then, please don't fault me for being a tourist with an opinion, I really enjoy Toulan every time I come to visit. I just believe that the devs have been late-to-need on some very basic improvements that would go a long way to energize this lonely world.

    Cheers, Ost

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    Hello Ost,

    I personally really appreciate your post and your approach in this feedback.

    I think your vision is pretty close to what i returned to the team a while ago HERE.

    I likely agree with everything you say, as it matches my previous post on nearly every points.

    I know it is all in line with Toulan team plans, but sometimes despites all we can see ingame also comes all we cannot see behind the scene.
    I ignore how much struggle it is to get things sorted between a self developement of a planet and Mindark, surely is a lot of work.

    I always look in the other newest planet, Cyrene, to see how they develop.

    I dont think it would be an issue sorting the few last bits to drag enough interest for long commited players, E.G Ginding hunters and miners.

    Though indeed it becomes vital to get some Unlimited gear implanted, some decent gear to match the struggle against mid/high mobs, and the defense to survive them.

    As stated in a private mail to the team, i know Toulan is oriented to team play, but without players it becomes hard to play in team ~ and then look into more self sufficient gearing.

    Still i am not being negative, most know i never stopped my way through my journey on Toulan.
    But just a few last pushes could rise a long term quest, and drag long term commited players on Toulan.

    I wont detail all i already said in other posts and to the team, but i likely support your opinion and think we need more feedbacks like you did today

    Thank you for this,

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    Hello again Eleni,

    Thanks for the reply and link to your previous post, I had read it a while ago but went through it again. Yes, many very similar things and the fact that there are many voices calling for the same things should help the Toulan team prioritize enhancements, or at least that is my hope. I'm sure there is much that goes on behind the scenes with a planet partner and Mindark that frankly I probably don't want to know. Creating a "world" that is all things to all people is surely a daunting task. I still enjoy my time here and and will remain optimistic about the future.

    In a way, the fact that there are yet undiscovered armors and weapons is actually quite attractive. The chance to get in early in a planet's development and make some of those discoveries is much greater on Toulan than any other planet, and I love that.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Cheers, Ost

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    Toulan indeed has a lot of untapped potentials that is yet to come, and we're eager to have the players explore it and enjoy.

    Thanks Ost and Eleni for your highly valued feedback.

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    get at least one apartment complex on this planet and I'll probably be here regularly assuming I can get my hands on one of the apartment deeds... I'd suggest not going the regular route of apartments... instead do a tent city... or better yet, some islamic domed castles.
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    It seems to me that mastermesh does not understand the topic.

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    Toulan indeed has a lot of untapped potentials that is yet to come, and we're eager to have the players explore it and enjoy.

    Thanks Ost and Eleni for your highly valued feedback.

    Next week this post by Mohammed/Beladcom will be exactly a year old, i was wondering if anything is going on behind the scenes.

    I know all of us who are on Toulan would love to get a reply.

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    Thanks B-K, one year later, we're currently focused on economy fixes.

    We're still committed to the same statement, believing that a better standing economy will further accommodate the untapped potentials of Toulan for players to enjoy.

    We've had a lot of ongoing suggestions and directions by players needs, which we incorporate into our dev plan, so please do keep them coming.

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    Great, nice to hear from you. Makes me have a little hope for the future.

    All sugestion's i have are most likely covered allrdy.

    Just a few i'd like to get implemented first :

    - some kind of booth /stall in guardian village we can get and use to sell some stuff.
    - unlimited items offcourse.
    - improved cuhof returns.
    - some higher dps weapons.
    - a fix on the caboria so they drop the cold cuts items needed to continue on with the beginner mission. I think
    you are loosing alot of potentially longer stays of people when they realise this.

    I really like Toulan, pls give it alot of love...



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