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    Snow mountain counting is messed up...

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    dang popup about the error comes up with every probe I drop now.

    now up to 9 of 5...

    now 17 of 5...

    popup also comes with every kill.

    Relogged thrice thus far, but to no avail.
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    This is definitely a mission error, we'll look into it.

    Thanks for the valued feedback Mastermesh.

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    Mastermesh, we've done some testing and believe that some of your active missions on Toulan from your last visit, have been since old and updated as we've improved the beginner experience missions.

    Please abandon the (Legends of the Snow Mountain) mission, and proceed in your beginner experience journey to the village, thanks.

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    sent a support message too. Not as annoying with hunting as with crafting... every craft attempt brings up a new popup...
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    Hunting does too, but I can easily click close on each popup with that as they come up... crafting hundreds of items in one go, not so much.

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    to fix it you have to kill the mission and restart it... kinda sucks that that is the solution, but that's all that works.



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