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    not communication Toulan <-----> Entropia Life

    Entropia Life is a good tool, and i like it by the screenshots, statistics and more...... and i see my globals, and all the Entropians see my globals!!!

    But not in Toulan....

    Since 2015, globals arent registered in Entropia Life.... all my globals not appears.... i took with Entropia Life and they say "we havent permission from toulan to show globals and statistics".....

    Well, but not all.... i see globals arent registered, by HOFS and ATH appears in Entropia Life.... in Feb 2017, a 2385 PED HOF in a Wahesh by Zamarin was registered.... in feb 2017 too, a Qaffaz give 353 PED to Jarrod Jay... in that case, i think about an error in the communication Toulan <-----> Entropia Life in Globals, not in HOFs or ATHs

    Beladcom, i love your planet, but i love too see my globals and statistinc in Entropia Life.... so, please, could you solve this problem? Me, my wife ( in toulan too ) and all my friends will thanks you....

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    there is pretty much nothing you can do about. reason is there need to be at least 4 (or 5 not sure) tracker running to recognize a global on a planet. when you go on entropialife and watch under settings, there is the current number of trackers running shown on the right side. atm on toulan is 0 and cyrene 2 and NI also 0. that means no global on each of these is tracked. hofs dont fall in this category, as their chat is shown on every planet.

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    mmm..... once time, i was with the tracker, my wife with tracker too, Francisco Conde and Icco ( both has the tracker too ) and some people.... i think more people has tracker....

    now, must be 2 people at least with tracker ( me and my wife ) but always EL says 0 people, like you say.... very rare

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    Tracker does not recognize you as online when you are on Toulan - As soon as you enter space the online time counter finds you again - not sure if this is a problem with Tracker, or Toulan. There seems to be a difference in accepting global reports and tracking online presence.

    HOF's still register because they are Universal messages. So I have been "offline" for months, at one point a full year, at a time, yet have loads of discoveries and some HOF's in my profile - I was playing and running Tracker every day - and I've had loads of globals on Toulan.

    Every now and then, enough versions Tracker will be running to report a global as valid, but it is rare. But I you can't trust the Client Count on EL because they don't recognize you when your here, so there is no way of knowing if 5 client are running.

    I reported this to EL a couple times, years ago - I had a paid subsription at the time, then just gave up.

    It is pretty annoying.

    Peace, Miles

    Avatar name is Stanley Miles Stardust if you care to see for yourself.

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    bit of a bump here, but this was just posted on PCF from the EL team

    "We don't have permission to record things coming from Toulan. This is all the information I have about the subject. "

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    I seen the thread on PCF but its hopeless to post there.

    When i lifted the question about a couple months ago to the Toulan team, this is the answer they gave me.

    3) I'm under the impression that Entropia Life tracker requires specific minimum amount of user activity on the planet, to collect their needed data, we'll look further into it to see if we can correctly integrate with EL.

    Hope this helps~

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    No the OP is onto something.

    Our society had a few team hunts over there and we all run entropia tracker and had our team stats on entropia life with the mob name and global sizes. I just went back and looked at those teams and all the global data is erased. There has to be some conflict with toulan management and entropia life, for something beyond my comprehension toulan may have requested the data be not shared, who knows why. Maybe they just have bad business sense and don't want free advertisement to get more people to go there and participate in their planet.....

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    There is absolutely no conflict with EL , on the contrary we highly support all initiatives and elements from the community to grow EU, and I'm personally a fan of EL and the great value they add to EU gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammed|Beladcom View Post
    There is absolutely no conflict with EL , on the contrary we highly support all initiatives and elements from the community to grow EU, and I'm personally a fan of EL and the great value they add to EU gameplay.
    whatever you want, but.... Toulan and some mobs from here not exist in EL....



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