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    Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.3

    Planet Toulan Release Notes 15.3

    December 07 2016

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    This release is focused on Fixes :

    . All Loot required for the Mini Instances Missions is now dropping correctly.

    . The Graduation Armor is now correctly rewarded.

    . (L) Naming is fixed for Samm Twin LongBlades (L) Qataal GutOpen BP (L)

    . Fixed Mission "Cold Cuts Research" , now gets completed normally.

    . Sunjoq loot parts spelling corrected.

    Planet Toulan

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    Wahesh hunting fixed

    I don't know in which of these recent updates it happened, but I was just out hunting Wahesh and none of them ever got "trapped" and become unhitable. Very nice!

    The scales (or was it the teeth) no longer trigger a rare item HOF either.

    Thanks, Miles

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    I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!

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    Thanks for the rifi and Pixi!
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    Ps is the pixie a part of the "correctly rewarded"? Nice if so since it encourages other planet avatars to graduate here vs other planets that only give 7 parts

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    If Pixi parts are still rewarded with the ME parts it looks like a bug to me.

    Pixi parts were rewarded as a bug instead of the ME for nearly a year.

    I take a good guess its still some rests of the bug and would need a fix.


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    Thanks Eleni and Mastermesh, it is indeed an unintended bug, we'll look further into it.



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