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Thread: No looter mobs

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    No looter mobs

    Hello dear forum,

    Since 2 days, matching yesterday patch, i noticed an alarming rate of "no loot" on kills.

    Aka ~ 50% kills are no loot.

    Some friends are here with me on Toulan and are experiencing the same (E.G. 40 bahri = 17 no looter)

    Yesterday i was playing normal, was experiencing this, and today im doing some damage tests, biting on every mobs, and seems to get 2 to 3 no loot on 5 kills waves.

    Anyone experiencing the same?
    MA preparing Halloween event and pulling out?

    **Not moaning or complaining on loot far from this, just asking as a side note, and not specific Toulan related***

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    loot before halloween event is allways crap. i got 60% return in the last 2 days. wont be playing until event is over i guess...



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