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    Lower Maturity Mobs

    I am having a hard time finding the lower maturity mobs of the following creature types:
    Bahri (lowest I have seen are Mature and only very infrequently)
    Jeef Qahar (have seen none below Pioneer)
    Jeef Zajer
    Mokhat (I have seen Mature, but infrequently)

    I don't expect there to be dedicated spawns for the lower maturities, and maybe they do exist in places that I can't get to without dying before getting there, but it would be nice to actually know that these maturities can be found in game. Trying to make the step up from the lowest level mobs (where the various maturities are plentiful) and begin hunting the lower level harder mobs. It is difficult to do without being able to find them. Suggesting that these lower maturities be made available in areas that a lower mid level player can access.

    Best Regards,

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    Hellow DasJugg

    A Bahri small maturity has been implanted north-west of snow strench outpost. Walking along the shore toward the east drives to slightly higher one.

    Mohkat only survives in Jelly zone, this is storyline related.
    I agree youngs and mature are rare, but exist.
    Though if i saw 3 prowler grinding all the Quwa challenge, i never been able to see a stalker.

    Jeef are very mixed, aswell as Khaffash.
    I agree that those are a bit unbalanced - Lowest i seen as Khaffash is a pioneer, and is very rare.
    Never ever crossed a slug -defender - median maturity, once again i grinded all the Quwa of the Khaffash.
    Jeef Qaher i am not to sure, but the spawns i know by snow stretch and the desert didnt show any low maturity.
    Jeef Zajer are quiet the same as Khaffash, all mixed and rare low maturity.

    Now i think that the spawns are perfect like this still.
    When it can be hard for begginers to attack the mid-maturities, this is normal.
    And as seeing drop as it is, with too low maturity we would encourage farmings on hides the easy way, and all the harder spots (the actual good ones) would be left over.

    As i said in my annual feedback, i built my avatar on Toulan.
    At the right time with the right gear, it is easily possible to attack any spawn. (right gear doesnt mean expensive one).

    And once again i already mentioned that to do so we are forced to import this gear from the other planets, as it is for now very hard to size the right "made in Toulan" gear for mid to high level creatures on Toulan.

    Now this in an interesting thread, is where higher player will find lack of challenge.

    Now im only one year old, i already easy peasy manage my Thawr spawns.
    (By the way Putting Thawrs in a wave only is a bit Harsh, im sure a spawn ~ the west coast would please them mutated Jeefs )
    So now in my challenge panel remains only Thawr high maturity and Wahesh which are ~2000HP so no biggie really.

    I hope theres more surprises to come regarding the high end phase on Toulan, but i know the team is tricky and got ton of things on going for the future

    Be safe,
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    Hi DaJuggernaut,

    There is a low density, low maturity spawn of Khaffash on the SW part of Burj island - no other mobs.

    There is a low density, low maturity spawn of Jeef's Qahar's to the West of Nahar City up on the plateau (133980, 96070) - no other mobs.

    (More little, isolated, low-maturity, low density spawns of mobs would be cool for low level hunters to get a taste of bigger mobs)

    The lowest maturity Bahri spawn has always been the one Eleni mentioned, but the density and maturity ranges are greater.

    For Mokhat, backing up Eleni said, you just have to look for smaller ones and pick them off.

    Cheers, Miles
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    Spawn Info

    Eleni & Miles,

    Thanks for the additional info on the spawns. I will check out the areas that you have mentioned. I have read other threads here where there was a lot of complaining about mixed spawns etc. That was not my point. Just having a few more of the lower maturities is what I was asking for, and you may have identified some of the solutions to my problem! Many thanks.




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