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Thread: Hunting Log?

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    Tabtab Hunting Log - DaJugger

    So I was thinking about starting a hunting log for my Tabtab hunts. But wanted to see if there would be any interest. If there is I will create and post the log. Anything in particular forum watchers would like to see?

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    I think it would definitly be interesting to keep some logs, depending how accurate they are.

    As Tabtab is a very low HP mob, requiring near to zero defense cost / heals, and leaving poor room to offensive gear, i think it would be a pretty steady log.
    Plus Tabtab has steady loots, i mean nothing is set on timer, that i know.

    Other point is that being the least HP mob on Toulan, it is very unlikely to see it global, but has been seen already.

    Last trait is that Toulan is in development.
    The loot pools are still extremly unstable and dynamic.
    In the last 12 months the pools have been reworked ~4times, inckluding CUHOF very recently.
    So a log as we speak would be very temporary.

    Where i find the interest in this is that i am sure that it would be worth a look, and Mohammed would be delighted to have a look from a fields' log.

    Where i think it is interesting would be, overtime, to have an overview of every mobs.

    I know some mobs like Dahhar and Mohkat have a very unstable and punishing loot pool, which makes them extremly dangerous for the PEDcard to hunt for now, While Bahri and Khaffash proved them to be very rewarding, allowing to cycle.

    Now to get back to you, ithink if you can loggin your Ecco (damage per pec), DPS and defense/heal cost, then the TT return and the final return with MU, on a long run, this would be extremly interesting, though is a massive job.

    I do appreciate your efforts and i look forward to see whhere this all leads.


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    Tabtab Hunting Log - DaJugger

    Ok. so here is my first entry in the hunting log for Tabtab. I will start out with this entry though it was not a full hunt (I expect most hunts to be in increments of 200 to align with the daily mission. Please let me know if the data I have collected makes sense and if there is something that you would like to see changed.

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    I love when people keep logs and post their progress. I've done some of that in myself at times. While it takes some dedication to keep up with a log, it can teach you a lot.

    It's also a good way to maintain interest in a long grind.

    The Tabtab Quwa mission chain requires 29k kills to complete - just sayin'.....

    Cheers, Miles

    P.S. I am monitoring #toulan when online now.



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