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    Arrow ~ Feedback from the field ~

    Dear Toulan,
    After a short discussion with Mohammed, we decided to post in public.

    I took the privilege to contact him with a loooooong Message containing some old and more recent feedbacks, and a ton of questions.

    So here we are sharing with yous all, and will wait for Mohammed and Toulan's team to comment/answers.

    I was about to reformulate my message to fit the "public" side for everyone, but as Mohammed vowed to play transparent and ready to answer points in public, i then decided to post the whole messge as i PM'ed it to him.

    No flaming/negative thoughts.
    This is in a way of a constructive feedback.

    With love,

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

    Salaam Mohammed,

    I take the privilege to message you from Toulan as for a constructive feedback/survey.

    It has been a long time i have fully dedicated myself to Toulan, and i do really think your team have its own very way to do things, making Toulan a unique concept in the universe.
    I work tight with Miles who is way older than me in Entropia, and on Toulan - As a fairly new player i myself learn a lot still but joined Toulan very earliy in my Entropian life and i grown up all the way, the Toulanian way.

    The reason i message you instead of posting on forum is to filter the negative/non-constuctive potential comments from non-regulars, and to offer more flexibility, honesty and "out of courtesy" regarding the policy.

    If you dont mind i would like to quickly make a point on the situation on Toulan as we speak.
    As said above, i joined Toulan early in my life, and grown up on Toulan.
    This way i think i have a decent appreciation of the experience going from a new player to an semi-experienced player (i am now Level 43 sniper [plasma so very odd profession] - dedicated hunter / occasional miner/crafter)

    Toulan has made some changes as it is under developement and dynamic, but i hope my feedback is not too affected taking it from when i began.
    I will try to highlight the points from an impartial point of view.

    -When we start on Toulan we have an easy access to the main quests.
    It is an excellent way to come accross the whole planet, discover the teleporter, getting familiar to the creatures/tools/ressources/crafting.

    -The creatures have an excellent setup from beggiers to advanced players.
    I remember my first visit on Toulan, i think i was Level 5~ rifle, doing a 4.5/9 damage and i SO much struggle to kill a Qaffaz Old or Sunjoq (even young) but it was simply EPIC.
    I know "juveniles" maturity has been introduced to smoothen the "kill 3 qaffaz" quest in the storyline, but i do dearly regret that the "Qaffaz only" spawn north of Guardian village all way to the dam suffered from this.
    I would add that Juveniles do not drop hides, which i appreciate or it would rise "cheap" farming on hides, but im sure the small spawns of juvenille by the citadelle were enough.

    -We get a lot of items to drop.
    This is wonderful when we start as a newcomer, we get our own Toulanian gear to keep hunting, and simply need ammos. Salafas are excellent, Shayebs are excellent. they are extremly economic to use, and makes begginers' life delightful.
    As we progress, we loot even better gear.
    Jamjoom is famous all accross the universe, i am very often asked by friends on other planets to supply them some Jamjooms.
    I use my shayebs during visits on other planets, and Mirah longshots are excellent to "tag" creatures from the distance, and extremly cheap to use - my favorite (the commonly used tagger is Marber Bravo, a Lv.100 plasma gun using 2300 ammos-so thumb up Toulan on this marvellous gun that is Mirah)

    My worry is...... we still are not dependent.
    There is no way i can hunt mid to high end creatures with the current weapon/armor/attachment panel - and i WANT to be an independant dedicated Toulanian.
    Sahra MK8 can not handle a common Bahri hunt run (and they are rare to loot)
    Salafa G8 - Jajooms - i have a hard way to define what Toulanian gear i can use to be independant on Toulan - We need to import gear from outside to be able to fight.
    The way i understand your way, is to build a community, where strong Toulanian will hunt strong creatures and be able to trade the gear to less skilled players - and i would dream of a Souq in Al-Nahar but this is another subject.

    So weapon-wise and Armor-wise, i know we are heading the right way, proof seeing some first amps dropping at Duhol events, but once again extremly weaks.
    The amps never dropped since Duhol event neither Jadid armor parts.
    Is there any plan to see some gear adjusted, and dropping from appropiate creatures?

    I mean armors are made to fit appropriate Toulanian creature's damage type, we suspect with Miles, but is still extremly weak or extremly difficult to gather a set together (Sada - Bedaya - Haris)
    Weapons, do we have to rely on crafting to be able to hunt, is this the intention?
    I know the melee weapons blueprints drops are extremly rare - feedback from Miles who craft a lot, and i myself spent thousands PEDs crafting to try loot some weapons Bluprints,to try and be independant, without success.

    Amplifiers for weapons/finders? (Amplifiers with a least damage dropping from Duhol boss wave spawn is very unlikely to ever loot them)
    Plates for armors?

    Once again i am providing an impartial feedback, not begging
    All is in good mood and in the wish to be constructive.

    -Are we getting to a point to see some estates rising?
    I would be picky on estates, i really do hope to see like a Souq in Al-Nahar, maybe some houses, but not massive towers with appartments like other planets.
    I would love to be a pioneer to get an estate/commercial stalls on Toulan, and i know its also Miles's dear dream, and will start saving PEDs for this.
    I know i cannot ask you a YES as for confidentaility with Mindark, and you really surprised us with CUHOF instances when we expected this the least.

    -Will we be able to get a technician bluprint for armor crafting?
    there is some zeraf parts to craft, and i am sure there is more undiscovered. But Toulan do not offer us to get started in armor crafting as the storyline BP is L.
    Othe planets BPs requires ressources not found on Toulan, making us unlikely to ever produce our own armors throught crafting.

    -Kaffash bones/jaws - Mohkat organs/hand - Dahhar skin - some of those items have no markup options.
    Non markup items are either quest or broker items to claim rewards.
    I been saving all my mohkat parts as i thought we could claim estates in future with them, as there is no markup icon on them and have no present use - or maybe claim a unlimited weapon in future throught a broker?
    My thoughts were that Mohkat means mucus in arabic, but looks like a human turned in pure nawa energy, maybe due to long exposure to nawa?
    Something related to a nawa "infection" seems to have happened in jelly zone aswell, if i trust the backstory of Toulan, Mohkat could have been the inhabitants of jelly zone turned in Mohkat due to strong Nawa exposure.
    This led me to think those parts from them could be linked to the storyline - then a well worth reward to claim for the strongest and most dedicated Toulanian.
    (as for feedback i did the 4 stages on mohkat Quwa and looted ~400 hands and 400 organs)
    Though you might be laughting right now at my theory, as its absolutly fantasy and speculations, but this makes out life on Toulan Epic
    We can dream, and this is not allowed on other planets.

    -Unlimited gear...
    You know, i know, this is the neverending conversation.
    It is coming in future.
    As described above, begginers loot a lot of gear to be able to hunt until mid-range creatures.
    After this we need to import weapons/armors/amplifiers.

    I cant, once again ask you what/when unlimited gear is coming, as a meek player i do not have the right to ask you so.

    If i may suggest is, the day you decide to implant this, is to make it very hard to get.
    I love the way Toulan makes us to deserve everything we get, i really do love it.
    As i said with mohkat, maybe a system providing a defined creature parts?
    Maybe adding CUHOF rooms from 6 to 10 and sneak some rare unlimited drops in room 10?

    I cannot say, but only suggest. Just please make it to be deserved, so us Toulanian can dedicated ourself even deeper, and avoid seeing tourists strong players landing 2 days and rafling all the new implanted items, and leaving.

    -Sweat activity
    Mohammed, i try to help as best as i can newcomers on Toulan, hiring them as healer, buying their hides/ressources if they show love and will to help Toulan to prosper, but non-depositor players need to sweat.
    For us to be able to buy their sweat, we need Force Nexus, and Nexus is way too rare on Toulan.
    Maybe a tiny bit more nexus and a Bluprint using sweat would help? Just a suggestion.
    All the newcomers i help ended up going to Arkadia or Calypso to survive ~ heartbreaking to me.

    -The spawn of the mobs.
    They are absolutly PERFECT.
    I recently saw people on forum saying the spawns were not good (all maturities mixed up).
    It is absolutly fine, trust me. From someone who grown up on Toulan, everything is perfect on this side.
    Only the juvenile between the dam and the village annoyed me.

    -What happened to Damar weapon?
    I never ever seen it or a Blueprint or anything about it.

    -What happened to Farah's stories on the forum....?
    It was delightful to read, any chance to see more coming?
    Is Farah not Beladcom any more?

    Last point i wanted to tell you.
    I know Cyrene/Arkadia work with the community through their official avatar.
    They join, inspect their own problems, but also join their chat and discuss/take feedback on field and take words from trustworthy people.
    I guess this help the development team.

    If you need me for anything in game,(if you Mohammed are the "Toulan Planet Manager"), any feedback, need me to test things, do endurance runs or inspect drops, anything, please summon me.
    You can add me as friend ingame and we can create a private channel to discuss with Miles when you wish to check things.

    You do not have to, but i offer you.

    I think this is all for now,
    Im sorry to bother you with such a long message.

    If you think messaging you this long is inapproppriate, please let me know, i would then reformulate all to fit Forum Policy and then post on forum, and not disturb you again the way i did today.

    Take care of yourselves Toulan Team, you certainly are special to me.
    Eleni Von Estlla.

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    Thanks Eleni, this type of detailed feedback always adds high value to our development, with every point mentioned on forum being closely looked at and discussed with the team.

    Many mentioned points in your post requires fully fledged details, so I'll allow more flow of field feedback conversations to take place before delving into points details.

    I can confirm that almost all mentioned points, needs and requests, are in-line with our development plans.

    As the economy progress and scale, more items, weapons, attachments, estates are introduced the Toulanian way to meet the players needs and aspirations.

    We constantly analyze what's currently missing or imported in the economy from other planets, and direct input from the players help us address those needs and adapt them into upcoming updates.

    The way we view Toulan's gameplay as it's built on EU's well structured systems, is that it's always player driven.
    We do play a crucial role in development and support, but we're always eager to explore along with other Toulanians on how the community engagement takes place and defines the feel of gameplay on the planet.

    Thanks again Eleni, and looking forward to others contribution on field feedback.



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