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    Happy Holidays From Planet Toulan

    Happy Holidays From Planet Toulan

    * (Qandil) Lantern Gift During Toulan Holidays *

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    Planet Toulan
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    Happy Holydays Toulan Genie!!

    Are we going to summon you by rubbing this lantern?? And make a wish??

    I wish i get a super nice sword, repairable, that can kill a Thawr in one swing, and do some sparkes when i swing it around. And it has my name on it. And my head on the pummel.

    Happy Holydays Toulan

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    Thank you.

    Thank you for the lovely gift. The Love Craft Academy thanks the citizens of Toulan for their thoughtfulness and their hospitality during the Holiday season. Peace.

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    thanks i appreciate it, it will light dark days





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