The good:
Overall the planet is fairly solid compared to most of the other "New" planets. I found that while bugs are to be expected most of the other planets I visited on release had broken missions broken mob AI, bad animations/uv mapping and a less than experienced dev team to fix or not fix these issues in the case of next island lol. This planet while having a few bugs has a solid mission chain everyone can do, lots of daily missions and iron challenge like missions. For a tailor/texturer this planet is a great starting planet if you depo and don't mind a smaller population. The starter bp for female clothes are very stylish compared to other planets and some of the higher end BP for tailoring and texturing are really nice. Giving the small map area the devs did a great job making it feel larger with winding paths and mountains. No vehicles was a great idea imo to also accomplish a larger feel. I love the amount of loot type you get per kill so the extractors and paints etc stack up faster. There is lots of "Costume" armor and low end weaponry that constantly drops apposed to other planets with a lesser drop rate of weapons and armor.

The bad:
My only real issue with the planet is while the larger hp pool on some lower level mobs will allow for more items to drop you need to use larger/higher level weapons to kill them efficiently and there is a lack of those weapons that drop from mobs on this planet. Maybe I'm just missing them or I need to hunt more Waheesh but I find myself using skill level 20-30 weapons that do 30-60 damage to kill level 4-10 mobs efficiently and looting weapons that do 3-8 damage. I would also like to see some higher end non limited armor drops that aren't what I call "Costume" where it's more eco to actually not use it at all while hunting. From what I've seen visually of the clothing and existing armor/weapons a repairable higher end armor and weapons would definitely be worth collecting.